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Welcome to the, the online counselling website for Dr Damian Stoupe; an exoerienced and caring counsellor based in Wells, Somerset.
Sometimes we feel stressed, anxious, angry, frustrated, depressed or afraid and lonely. We just want the world to stop spinning, so we can catch our breath and make sense of what is going on
I believe that counselling should help you make sense of where you are, where you have been but also to help you face the future with hope by providing you with the practical skills to set you free to shape your own future.
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Individual online counselling and coaching from £60 per session.

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Damian Stoupe - The Grounded Counsellor

Damian Stoupe – PhD, MSc, BA(Hons), MNCS(Acc) online counselling and coaching

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…thank you for having a look at my online counselling and coaching website.
I hope you find all the information you need – if you don’t please get in touch.

Is counselling right for you?

  • Do you want to find new solutions to old problems?
  • Are you looking to improve significant relationships at home or at work?
  • Are you fed up feeling that whatever you do, nothing seems to go right?
  • Have you had enough of f being put down, or putting yourself down?
  • Do you want to build up your self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness?
  • Or are you fed up of running away from life and want to have some fun again?

Counselling is for people like you and me; real people who are just fed up with the same old things going wrong, who have tried to help themselves but have just hit a brick wall.

For some, a bit of advice might be helpful, if so have a look at the blog section. But people don’t look for a counsellor if they only want advice; people come to see a counsellor because they have had enough; they want to get back in control.

As a counsellor, I will not judge you, or tell you what you should do. I will provide a safe space in which you can understand what is going on and find a way out; a space in which you can say things that you have never said to anyone else – even yourself. A space to find courage, hope and healing.

So often the first step can seem scary. But finding the courage to pick up the phone, drop me an email or book a free introductory session is the first step to moving on and living your life.

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I am passionate about offering online coaching and counselling to help people navigate through those personal, social and psychological challenges that leave them feeling stuck, directionless and fearful. To watch a client move forward in their life, to take back control and move ahead full of purpose, is special.

I’d love to work with you and help you move forward in your life

Finally, if you do see me wandering around Wells, I am likely to be accompanied by my Border Terrier, Jake!

As a professionally accredited counsellor, holding advanced degrees in counselling and human development and receiving regular supervision, I am committed to providing the best, ethically-based counselling I can offer. 

About me

A combination of high-level formal academic training alongside work and life experience has taught me to trust my brain, my heart and my instinct when working with clients.

My approach to online counselling and coaching is pragmatic; my experiences in the real world, and my own experiences of counselling, mean that I offer a caring, albeit challenging, style of counselling; listening to you without judgement, working with you to try and understand what can be improved and finding a way forward.

Life is complex, and my work recognises the way our lives are interconnected; not just our minds and bodies, or even our emotions and spirituality, but also our relationships at home and at work.

As an experienced, mindful, solution-focused counsellor, I offer high-quality, evidence-based, solution-focused and confidential counselling and coaching to individuals (over 18) and couples. I work with people to improve their mental health when difficulties arise but also coach people to improve their mental fitness, to prevent the difficult issues arising in the first place

While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life both now and into the future.

Doing Great
Things Together

I see myself as a sort of personal trainer for your mind. Like a personal trainer at the gym, I spend time with you, listening to you, understanding what it is you want from counselling, and together we find a way forward. I do not do the work for you but I help and guide you to find the best solution that fits your life circumstances, that works for you and, importantly, helps you develop the skills that will help you cope with what life throws at you in the future.

This is done by restoring mental health and building mental fitness.

counselling for men

restoring mental health

Most people come to see me when their mental health has taken a bashing; they are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or lacking in confidence, motivation or self-esteem.

I follow a grounded approach to online counselling which essentially means:

emphasising the Experience-Reflection-Understanding-Action process to help rebuild lives.

grounded counselling process
grounded counselling mindful process
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building mental fitness

It is said that ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Building mental fitness helps to help prevent mental health problems.

We do this by focussing on developing communication skills, mindful awareness, and developing an anti-fragile approach to life that goes way beyond becoming resilient (have a look here to see what that last one means!)

Pillars of mental fitness: emotional, social, physical ,financial

Restoring mental health

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individual counselling

There are many emotional issues that find a corner in our heart, refusing to go away. Over time, these issues transform into a sort of emotional trauma that impacts how we live our lives ,and affects relationships with those we love at home and our colleagues in work. Issues such as lack of concentration, poor confidence, jealousy, motivation, self-respect, will to change, encouragement, and so on – all affect ourselves and those around us. These issues can spiral into our lives in various ways and get channelled into other areas, which can lead to problems.

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relationship counselling

If anyone tells you that they have the perfect relationship – be wary; they are probably hiding something. All relationships come under strain; periods of silence, arguments and lack of trust are ever-present; they can be used creatively to develop relationships – if we are open and honest about them and talk through the problems in a safe an supportive way, or they can destroy a relationship.

The essence of building good relationships, romantic or otherwise, is open and honest communication.

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counselling for men

I have a specific focus and passion for offering counselling for men.

For a variety of reasons, men are often reluctant to see a counsellor.

Counselling exists to help everyone; it is not just something that women do. More and more men are realising that to feel good about themselves they need to understand themselves and other people better. Counselling, for me, is not about making people happy; I believe we need to experience the full range of emotions, and by doing so will be able to live a more fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us.

Building mental fitness

We tend to focus on our physical health, spending money going down the gym or in the supermarket in the search of the perfect body shape and yet, we often ignore our mental and emotional health: until something goes wrong; until we feel stressed, anxious or depressed. While I am not an expert in physical or financial fitness, I am able to help you build your mental fitness. Improving your emotional and social fitness contributes to improving your physical and financial fitness.

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be mindfully aware

  • Increased awareness protects us
    • Helps us control racing thoughts
    • Acts as a form of self-regulation
    • Eg: text from partner
    • Paying attention not reacting on autopilot
  • Being curious and accepting relieves the symptoms of anxiety/stress
  • The action of observing helps change perspectives
  • We are no longer being controlled or defined by our thoughts…
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communicate better

We could all do with learning to communicate better with our loved ones our friends and our work colleagues.

Being mentally fit means that we listen and speak mindfully, seeking to understand the other person rather demanding that the other person understands us.

It also means that we act assertively, not passively or aggressively. Respecting ourselves while respecting other people.

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become anti-fragile

When we face issues in our life, we can either break-down, bounce-back or break-through.

We don’t need to deny the stresses in our life and fight them, being mentally fit means we can use them as a lever to grow as individuals, groups and societies.

Issues I help with…

Like many counsellors, I work with a wide range of issues. However, my specialised counselling training, alongside my PhD studies, have given me a unique set of skills and a breadth of knowledge of psychology, sociology, philosophy eduction, leadership, and research skills that can be used to help you find a solution to the challenges you face.

Issues I work with…

Abuse * Anxiety * Anger Management * Aspects of Faith * Confidence * Conflict * Coping Skills * Couples and Marital Conflict * Decision-Making* Depression * Divorce * Guilt/Shame * Health Anxiety * Individual coaching * Isolation * Life Transitions * Loneliness * Mindfulness * Motivation * Pre-marriage issues * Performance anxiety * Procrastination * Relationships: at home/work * Self-care * Self-Esteem * Separation * Spirituality * Stress * Suicidal Thoughts * Trauma * Work-Related Concerns * Workplace Bullying

Counselling can help you…

  • Re-discover fun in your life
  • Manage grief or sadness
  • Understand how frustration can turn into anger or depression
  • Make a big life decision
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Explore and embrace your uniqueness Build meaningful relationships
  • Understand & stop doing things that hurt yourself or others
  • Explore how being mindfully aware can build mental fitness
  • Cope with stress or anxiety

… and that is just for starters!

There are as many reasons people work with a counsellor as there are people – because we are all unique. Whether you want a single session to help resolve a problem (using a solution-focussed approach) or longer-term support, get in touch.

There are some areas of counselling that I do not work in. This is because there are specialist organisations that can support people in these areas more effectively than I. To find out more about issues I don’t work with please click here.

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Some of the areas where I find men, in particular, have a great deal of difficulty are:

  • Personal and professional relationship issues
  • Career Concerns/ Redundancy and/or Retirement
  • Anger Management and other mood difficulties
  • Substance/Alcohol misuse
  • Violence
  • Sexual problems
  • Commitment Issues
  • Changing roles in life esp. with children
  • Male victim recovery
counselling services

Counselling for men

Why counselling for men? Because men are often rubbish at shouting out for help.

Most men are taught from an early age to ‘stop crying and just get on with it’. Sure, we can talk to our friends and family, but sometimes we need something a little more.

Maybe you need someone who is ethically bound to keep whatever you say confidential, someone who is there just for you, someone who can help you try and make some sense out of what is happening in your life.

Counselling exists to help everyone; it is not just something that women do. More and more men are realising that to be able to feel good about themselves they need to identify their purpose in life.

Counselling is not about making people happy; I believe we need to experience the full range of emotions and by doing so will be able to live a more fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us.

The first stage is always reaching out, recognising that asking for, and receiving help is not a weakness but a strength. If you are ready to take this step then drop me an email.

Let’s work together

and use online counselling to help you shape your future!


Woodbury Ave, Wells, Somerset UK. BA5


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