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This is a counselling website dedicated to helping people develop as human persons – I hope that any comments made reflect this aim; using the comments policy as a guide should ensure this happens.. You will find some guidelines for commenting below that will help us all feel safe to comment and put forward our ideas.

Not everyone’s going toffees comfortable about everything that is written here. Just be aware that because we do not like an idea, it does not mean an idea is too be suppressed. Engage with the idea, understand why it is uncomfortable, and offer an other idea in response. Lets learn together.

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This page offers you a welcome but also the comments policy for The Grounded Counsellor, an online counsellor owned website from Wells, Somerset, UK. The purpose of this blog is to present ideas, and encourage people to engage with those ideas not with the people who had those ideas. For example, I may not be a fan of the way someone lives/lived their life – but their ideas might still be worth engaging with. I try my best to make sure this site I free from spam and abuse, as all comments are moderated this aim should eb easy to achieve, however sometimes things just slip through.

The comment section can be a great place for interaction with readers, writers and even for spawning stimulating conversation – it can be a great place for all of us! To ensure that everyone can engage with the ideas by following these simple guidelines:

  • Be polite – don’t be rude to anyone and respect others. If there is something you would not say to someone standing in front of you, don’t write it here. Remember there is a person behind the screen and that your words affect people.
  • Don’t troll – I appreciate and welcome people who critique ideas, it is how ideas and concepts have developed for millennia, but comments that add no value to the discussion, are simply repeating or plagiarising information, or are just insulting will be deleted without exception.
  • Spam? Goodbye. I understand that you may make thousands of pounds working from home, however, I am not interested. Please refrain from posting or I’ll give you a hand and show both you and your post the door.

To put it in a simple sentence, our guidelines boil down to “four on ideas not people”. If you don’t follow any of these guidelines, not only will I remove the comment but I will also ban you from participating in discussions.

If you find any comments which violate our guidelines, please make sure to ‘flag’ or ‘mark as spam’ – I am grateful for your support!

Happy commenting!