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Counsellor, Coach, Consultant and Researcher

asking for help is usually the most difficult part of the counselling journey – I aim to make it simple and safe

getting in touch

The easiest way to get in touch with Damian is to book an initial half-hour chat. This chat is free, it can be done over the phone or by video, and gives you a chance to explain what help you want from Damian, and to get to know a little about how Damian works..

There’s no obligation to proceed with counselling – it’s important that you feel comfortable working with Damian, and likewise, Damian with you. 

This ensures you get the most out of your counselling time.

what you should know*

I am a private counselling and coaching service provider, this means:

  • There are charges attached to my counselling service, to cover my costs of operation and expertise, training, etc.I do have a limited number of low cost places; please ask me if you need a reduction.
  • I try and make accessing the counselling service as easy as possible. You can book online or contact me direct by either calling me on 07792 799017 or using the contact form below.
  • My counselling service is confidential, and no referral is required
  • * don’t forget to check out my advice to help you find the best counsellor for you (click here)

Ask a question or simply make contact through this form

If you don’t want to book an initial session with me yourself, for just want to ask some questions, feel free to either call me on 07792 799017 or use the form below. If you want me to call you back, please let me know your phone number and when a good time to call you back would be.