Counselling Contract

Counselling Contract 2021

  • As with most counsellors, I work to a counselling contract with my clients. In the contract, I set out the bounds of our relationship, what you can, and cannot , expect from me as your counsellor. The contract I present here is my default contract; it may be tweaked to suit the different situations we find ourselves in. I offer it to provide you with some information about the agreement which will be made when we begin working with each other.

This counselling contract will govern how we work together.

I work using an integrated approach to counselling, which means I adapt various theoretical approaches as applicable to the CLIENT. I am committed to providing a safe therapeutic environment for my clients, working within the National Counselling Society Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. We are both making a commitment of time, money, and energy to each other in deciding to work together. It is important to know what agreements we are making together and so what to expect.

Confidentiality: The content of the sessions is confidential to you and me; I cannot and will not discuss your case with anyone else. There are two exceptions to this rule. First, I will need to discuss our work with my counselling supervisor. I will use your first name to identify you; I will not use any other identifying details. It is essential that you respect the confidentiality of our sessions when you are outside of the relationship. Second, if we discover there is a need to communicate with other professionals or comply with a legal requirement, I will do so only after providing you with knowledge of what is to be discussed.

Sessions: We have agreed that we will work for (TBA ) weekly sessions; each session lasting for 60 minutes. Please make sure you arrive for your session at the time agreed, this is your time, and will not be given to anyone else. If you arrive late, I will not be able to extend your session beyond the time agreed; if you arrive early, I will not be able to see you any earlier. The session will be deemed to have taken place if you do not provide me with at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation: the full session cost will be payable.

Fees: Each session will cost £60.00 (£90.00 for couples). Payment is to be made at the end of each session by cash, debit/credit card, or bank transfer/PayPal.

My Holidays: I take eight weeks holiday per year, generally two at Christmas, two around Easter, one during the summer and three weeks during the autumn. If it is necessary for me to take any other breaks in addition to these, I will give you as much notice as possible.

Termination: There may be times in the counselling when you or I feel that counselling is not helping you. It is wise to come and discuss these difficulties and not end counselling suddenly; this will give you the opportunity to understand and perhaps resolve your distress. Usually, you will know when you are ready to cease counselling and together we find the way that feels comfortable for you to do this. If you or I wish to terminate counselling before the number of sessions we’ve contracted for, we agree to give each other at least two weeks’ notice. If you fail to do this, I reserve the right to charge for all or part of my fee for the number of sessions contracted. I reserve the right to terminate counselling immediately if you commit any physical harm to yourself or me, or cause any damage to my property, my counselling room, furniture, fixtures or fittings.

Our Relationship: There can be no contact between us other than client/counsellor. I cannot be your friend outside of the relationship or be involved with you in any other relationship. If we accidentally meet outside of this room, I will acknowledge you in a brief and friendly manner, only if you acknowledge me in the first instance; if I am with anyone else I will not acknowledge you.

Other: If you arrive for a session under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol, I reserve the right to cancel the session. It is common practice during a period of counselling for you to be given “homework” of some kind. It is important that these tasks are undertaken as they are an essential part of your therapy. If they are not completed then the chances of therapy being successful will be seriously diminished, and /or it will simply take longer, and therefore be time-consuming, and costly, than you would ideally want.

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