On mindfulness – a new series


Mindful not mindfulness!

Over the last year, I have delivered a series of workshops for a large company on the topic of mindfulness at work. In the workshops, my focus was to explore how people can use mindfulness techniques to live productive life in and out of work.  

Some might remember that I have a frustrating relationship with mindfulness. The current vogue of the positive psychology movement to push mindfulness as an object, a box to be picked, is unfortunate. Mindfulness should be part of a process of how we live our lives, not as a product to be consumed. (Have a look at a previous post “On the fad for mindfulness‘ on this topic.)

For those that have worked with me, you will remember that I adopt a deceptively simple approach to counselling, based upon four key phases: explore what is (or has been) going on, reflect on those experiences, understand what has been happening and then choose the best fit action that will work for us – an action that is modifiable, if necessary, in the future. This series of blogs will follow the same pattern, looking at where we are as a society and as persons, mixing theory and practice, to help you choose the best fit for you to move forward and live your life as a person not as an individual.

The distinction between our being a ‘person’ and an individual is important to understand all that I do and to understand why I emphasise living a life that is productive. (See here for a fuller explanation). We need to be more productive in our lives; to do this we need to make more use of good mindfulness tools that help us become more aware of what is happening around,, that helps us gain perspective on those things that hold his back in our lives or the concerns that inflect stress and anxiety.

Becoming a Person means becoming mentally fit for living a rich and rewarding life in relationship with those around us working for the common good.