Pre-marriage counselling

learning to live together

Pre-marriage counselling and coaching

First things first, before talking about pate-marriage counselling – congratulations on getting engaged!

I guess you are thinking about how blissful and perfect your marriage will be – not how your relationship can benefit from pre-marital counselling and coaching.

Relationship coaching is not just for those who are having difficulties. Pre-marital counselling is about heading-off those issues that get you into trouble in the first place. Pre-marital counselling helps you develop those skills and understanding of each other that mean that when those difficult times do arise (and they will), you both remain connected.

We explore those areas that often cause difficulties in a relationship:

• Finances (individual/joint) 

• Approaches to communication 

• How you handle conflict 

• Decision making 

• Roles (and expectations of roles) in the marriage

• Approaches and expectations of parenthood …