counselling helps you move forward…


Do you want to:

– Re-discover fun in your life
– Manage grief or sadness
– Understand how frustration can turn into anger or depression
– Make a big life decision
– Boost your self-esteem
– Explore and embrace your uniqueness Build meaningful relationships
– Understand & stop doing things that hurt yourself or others
– Explore how being mindfully aware can build mental fitness
– Cope with stress or anxiety

… online counselling with Damian can help.

There are as many reasons people work with an online counsellor as there are people – because we are all unique. Whether you want a single session to help resolve a problem (using a solution-focussed approach) or longer-term support, get in touch and see how counselling helps you to live your life more fully.

counselling helps you realise its OK to be not OK and you can do something about it

counselling helps you
be ok with not being ok!

sometimes though, we just don’t know what is wrong… and that’s OK too!

We often feel frightened, scared, confused, or uncertain without knowing why. In fact, the most common word and question I hear from clients is “why”. Strangely, it is probably the most unhelpful question to ask. Just think about a young child who is constantly asking ‘why?’, and how frustrating that can be when we get to the end of the known answers and don’t know what else to say. Now imagine doing that to yourself!

Our job in counselling and/or coaching, yours and mine, is to help you find out what is going on, where you want to be, and what we can do about it.

We work with what we know and go from there. If you are feeling low, we work with that. If you are feeling depressed, we start with that. If you cannot sleep or are anxious – that’s what we work with. You get my drift?

Often the first step is finding out where we are starting from! I will avoid asking why…and instead focus on the other questions which will ultimately give us the why: namely, who, what, when, where and how.

Often when someone comes to see me with ready-made answers about what is going on, we soon find that this answer hides what is really going on.

The first session is often a wide ranging exploration to understand what is happening for you

Individual Counselling

I work with individuals across the spectrum of issues.

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Relationship Couching

Counselling helps couples at all stages of a relationship life cycle

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Counselling for men

Grounded counselling is particularly helpful in supporting male clients.


I have worked with companies large and small offering wellness and mindfulness training but I specialise in working with individuals to help improve their understanding of mindfulness and, more importantly, to work with them to improve wellbeing.

Mental fitness training

Mental fitness is one aspect of wellbeing. Being assertive, confident and a good communicator is essential to building and maintaining relationships at home and at work.

Mental fitness training is conducted on a one-to-one basis.

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