Counselling for men

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Why counselling for men?

Because men are often rubbish at shouting out for help!

Providing counselling for men is an important area of work for any male counsellor; and one which has often been neglected in a field dominated by women. Most men are taught, from an early age, to ‘stop crying and just get on with it.’ Apparently, men should be in control; they are the providers and are meant to offer security and show no weakness. We men are meant to be self-sufficient – we don’t need to talk to anyone. Quite honestly that view is rubbish, as well as harmful; too many men have paid the price for not being willing or able to reach out and ask for help.

Sure, we have our friends to talk to but sometimes we need something a little more. Maybe you need someone who is ethically bound to keep whatever you say confidential, someone who is there just for you, someone who helps you to make some sense out of what is happening in your life.

Counselling exists to help everyone; it is not just something that women do. More and more men are realising that to feel good about themselves they need to understand themselves and their relationships better.

Counselling, for me, is not about making people happy; I believe we need to experience the full range of emotions and by doing so will be able to live a more fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us.

Issues for men

Based on my own counselling experience working with male clients, issues that come up time and time again are:

  • Personal and professional relationship issues
  • Career Concerns
  • Anger Management and other mood difficulties
  • Substance misuse
  • Violence
  • Sexual problems
  • Commitment Issues
  • Children
  • Male victim recovery
  • Redundancy and/or Retirement

The first stage is always reaching out and asking for and receiving help. If you are ready to take this step then get in touch

counselling for men

How counselling helps men

Counselling for men can help lead to a breakthrough. Often we tend to deal with problems g two ways: we can breakdown or we can breakthrough. By mixing grounded counselling and coaching to build your mental fitness, I focus on helping you breakthrough.

Do you feel tired, indifferent, down? Do you wonder what the point of your life is? Why do you bother carrying on? You are certainly not happy. Fact is, you may be depressed.

Or maybe it is your relationships that are a problem – it’s hard to communicate with your partner, sex isn’t happening, the distance between you is growing. Or you don’t know how to talk to the kids anymore. Maybe you don’t see a role for yourself at home.

If you are recently separated or going through a divorce, you’ll probably experience loneliness or a form of grief for what has been lost.

Other issues include being unhappy at work – you may be overworked, been made redundant, passed over for promotion, being bullied, feeling empty or burnt out… Maybe you’re in a rut; lacking self-esteem or just confidence.

These feelings of frustration can be turned inwards and appear as depression, or face outwards and manifest as ANGER – maybe you’re yelling at your kids, partner, colleagues or at complete strangers (road-rage). You’re asking yourself: “Why am I so angry?” But you can’t answer that question because you don’t know.

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As your counsellor, the first thing I will do is help you to figure out what is going on. Then I will help you develop the skills and techniques to help you deal with whatever is going on. As you get back in control of your life, you will begin to feel better about yourself, and your relationships.

Your challenge is to ask for help.

Counselling helps with

  • Childhood sexual and/or physical abuse recovery
  • Communication issues
  • Managing frustration and anger
  • Mood management, depression, stress and anxiety
  • Relationship/family conflict
  • Separation/divorce
  • Parenting issues
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Sexual orientation and expression
  • Stress management
  • Loss and grieving

Benefits of counselling for men

  • Resolution of personal problems or a specific crisis
  • Learning to communicate better with those around you
  • Feeling happier and more comfortable in your own skin
  • Improved sense of self-worth and self-esteem

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