Working with Dr Damian

Working with Dr Damian as your counsellor

Thank you for considering me as your counsellor

If you’re thinking of working with Dr Damian as your counsellor, congratulations. Congratulations because you are seeking help and in the UK, despite all the big talk by celebrities and politicians, it still takes bravery and determination to reach out to a counsellor;. Many clients still wait until everything is falling apart before they take that first step.

Finding the right counsellor for you, a counsellor with whom you can build up a good rapport, a counsellor who is trustworthy, warm, and empathetic, is really important and should not be rushed.

In this section I want to provide you with some hints and tips on how to find the right counsellor for you: even if that counsellor is not me! But I do hope you will give me a chance!

accessing counselling

Choosing the right counsellor

Making sure you have the right relationship, that you feel comfortable, and feel safe with your counsellor, cannot be underestimated

Don’t forget that when you see a counsellor, you are making an investment; you are spending your time, opening up many different aspects your life (emotionally, mentally and physically) as well as inevitably bringing in your relationships and past experiences and future expectations.

Make sure your counsellor is properly qualified and registered with a reputable professional body. The biggest counselling organisation in the UK is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (I was on the national executive for one of their subdivisions) but there are others that are smaller, such as my own National Counselling Society, but just as competent in maintaining professional boundaries. (Check out the information for prospective clients at the National Counselling Society).  

The information offered here is a mix of information to help you

but also help you get to know how I work (don’t forget to use the fee initial consultation I offer to get a real-life experience of working with me.

Choosing the right counsellor

Please read the following information to help you in making your decision about a counsellor you want to work with. Even if the counsellor is not me (although I hope you will give me a chance to see if we can work together) asking the right questions and understanding what to expect from a counsellor is important.

Specific information you need to about working with Dr Damian